10 Best Buddha Statues & Sculptures Shops in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

There's no question that Buddha statues and sculptures are beautiful pieces of art. 

If you're looking to add a touch of serenity and peace to your home or office, a Buddha statue is the perfect way to do it. But where can you find the best Buddha statues and sculptures in Melbourne

Check out our list of the top Buddha Statues & Sculptures shops in Melbourne!

Ultimate List of Buddha Statues & Sculpture in Melbourne

The Bali Shop - Best Buddha Statues & Sculptures in Melbourne 

screenshot taken from balishopmelbourne.com.au on July 22


03 9775 0390

Bali Shop has everything you need to upgrade your home.

Elliot and Melody, a young local couple, have created a paradise of quality Balinese and Asian homewares. It's a credit to them that they've turned this shop into a massive space of colour and light, a visual feast of exquisite items, with a genuine Balinese atmosphere.

They've travelled throughout Asia looking for high-quality solid teak furniture and handcrafted decorations to give your home that unique charm we all want. They visited remote villages to find glass vases, terracotta pots, carved masks, and mosaic bowls for The Bali Shop. From Hanoi to Ubud, Elliot and Melody have sought out the best quality for The Bali Shop. They love the amorous, easygoing, and peaceful Asian craftspeople and countries.

The Bali Shop has hand-carved outdoor day beds, pots for a home's entrance, colourful fish to light a room, candles to soften a bathroom, and umbrellas to shade outdoor lounge settings.

Come to The Bali Shop, where an exotic atmosphere covers the entire floor. You can find a gift for a friend or a piece of furniture that reflects your personality.

Luvin Life - Best Buddha Statues & Sculptures in Melbourne 

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(07) 5452 7547

Beautiful concrete Buddha statues are new in store. Indoor and outdoor, they come in a variety of finishes. Buddha statues come in many designs and colours and are popular in homes and gardens.

Buddha statues are purchased for many reasons. They may want to create a meditation area or improve their Feng Shui. They may love the statue. Buddha statues were forbidden for five centuries, so none were made.

Buddha statues vary by country. Some are happy. Others pray. Buddha heads are sometimes only depicted. Statues depict the physical Buddha and symbolise Buddhist teachings like inner peace, protection, and meditation.

Buddha Shop Australia

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0427 271 115 

Here you can view and enjoy or purchase Buddhist or Hindu Statues and Supplies, clothing, jewellery, meditation aids, health and beauty products and many other items from around the world.

About us

Hi. I'm Gary Hayward, and I've been operating the Buddha Shop since 2003 (Originally with my partner Andy who has since passed away). During this time, I have been supplying many of my items to Buddhist and Hindu Centres and Temples, as well as satisfying the personal needs of many individuals.

I look forward to supplying you with some of my unique products as well.

Best regards, Gary

I have two stores.

1/ Our online store is Open 24 hours

2/A Bears Old Wares ~ Buddha Shop 12 High St, Yackandandah. Victoria, Australia

Please note, the store is currently closed until further notice (but the online store is currently open). I can open by appointment ONLY.

Buddha Statues & Sculpture FAQs

Placing Buddha statues around your home can bring peace, positive energy, good health and prosperity.

The Happy Buddha - Shakyamuni Buddha - is probably the most popular statue and brings good luck and abundance. Sometimes Buddha statues can be bought in pairs or even threes.

Buddha statues across Asia are representative of the teachings and travels of Gautama Buddha. Each statue features common physical attributes, poses, and postures that define its purpose and meaning. 

The hand gestures of the Buddha, called mudras, indicate teaching, meditation, enlightenment, and wisdom. Similarly, the postures of the Buddha each have a specific meaning. Buddha is most often represented in three positions: sitting, standing, or reclining. Though less common, a few representations are walking Buddha, as well.


The laughing Buddha is considered a symbol of happiness, abundance, contentment and wellbeing. Therefore, laughing Buddha statues are considered auspicious and are often kept in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants for positive energy and good luck.

Siddhartha Gautama (born c. 6th–4th century bce, Lumbini, near Kapilavastu, Shakya republic, Kosala kingdom—died, Kusinara, Malla republic, Magadha kingdom), Spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism.

For Buddhists, Buddha sculptures serve as visual imagery intended to narrate the various aspects of the Buddha's life and lessons. 

Buddhism emphasises compassion, seeking personal development, and taking responsibility for one's actions.

Bunnings - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne 

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(03) 8831 9777

Welcome to Bunnings

Our goal is to offer the largest selection of home improvement products to our clients at the lowest prices possible while also offering the highest quality customer service.

The lifeblood of our company is the people who make up our team.

Integrity, respect, cooperation, success, and innovation are the tenets that guide our group. The keys to shaping our culture and realizing our vision are found in our guiding principles.

We work to make our operations socially and environmentally responsible as well as economically viable in order to achieve sustainability.

We interact with the neighborhoods where we work and reside, and we give actively to organizations and causes that benefit these neighborhoods.

We work to make better, more efficient use of resources, make sure our suppliers operate ethically and sustainably, encourage and inform customers about environmentally friendly options, and concentrate on the "reduce, re-use, and recycle" waste management principles. These are just a few of the ways we try to lessen our impact on the environment in ways that can be measured.


Pots n Pots - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

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(03) 9354 4145

It's simple to get mired in the daily grind and neglect to set aside time to sit and spend quality time with friends and family in the great outdoors. For more than 20 years, Pots n Pots has devotedly offered the largest selection of premium pots and garden accents to Coburg and the entirety of Melbourne. Our extensive selection of glazed pots and planters come in a wide range of sizes, hues, and materials, and our selection includes terracotta, glazed, terrazzo, Aztec, fiberglass, bonsai, indoor, Atlantis, relic, and urn and jar pots.

Buddha, Monks & Ganeshas

Bring Buddha, monks, and ganeshas into your home, along with all of their spiritual teachings. We have everything you need, including Buddha's faces and life-size statues.

Finding your ideal garden products from our 30+ suppliers for garden products is a source of great pride for our team of enthusiastic gardening experts. Add character to your garden with lifelike concrete animals, artificial plants, wind chimes, Tiffany headlights, wall art, giftware, and the largest selection of high-quality garden pots in Melbourne to give it that wow factor. Visit our Coburg garden store or browse our selection of outdoor products online to get inspired by the possibilities.

If you are having trouble finding the ideal garden pot, water feature, or ornament, let us know and we will try our best to locate it for you. Instead of relying on gimmicky sales, we keep our prices as low as we can year-round, passing the savings along to you. Today, we produce countless concrete garden ornaments on-site. Nearly 3000 moulds in your preferred color are available for ordering. All of our concrete products, including statues, animals, Buddhas, birdbaths, seats, water features, and more, can be coated in cast iron for a cast iron appearance at a fraction of the cost.


Lotus Allure - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from lotusallure.com.au on July 22




About us

Bali is a unique location. It is a tropical haven with breath-taking sunsets and magnificent gardens where one can relax and take in all the peace.

The Lotus flower represents purity of the body, speech, and mind in Buddhist teachings. With our exquisite products, we hope to motivate you to design your own personal Balinese haven at home.

A family-run company in Melbourne, Australia called Lotus Allure specializes in water features, Buddha statues, pots, home goods, and custom-made products.

The Lotus Allure website allows you to browse the entire collection of products we sell both in-person and online. 935 Heidelberg-Kinglake Road, Hurstbridge, VIC 3099 is the address of our actual store.


Karma Living - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from karma-living.com.au on July 22



+61 (08) 8282 2101

Buddha Figurines from Karma Living

Though some may consider a Sydney or Perth home or garden with Buddha statues to be on trend in terms of interior design, it's important to remember that a Buddha statue is a sacred object to Buddhists. It is advised to place the effigy on a pedestal or table rather than the ground because doing so might be viewed as disrespectful. Having said that, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't adorn your living or working space with as many ornaments as you like, so long as they adhere to the fundamental principles of Buddhism. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, our online statues will enhance the appearance of any home, especially if the current décor is Asian-inspired.

Statues as Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones

An ornament of any kind is the perfect present for a relative or close friend who practices religion or even just has a passing interest in the teachings and philosophies of Buddhism.

From Thailand to Sri Lanka to Nepal, gold statues are very common in Buddhist temples and homes. If you choose to purchase one of these Thai Buddha statues for sale in Australia, you will undoubtedly be in good company with other devotees.

No matter where you are located in Australia, our online Sydney Buddhist store can quickly and effectively ship your chosen figurine.


Asia Decor - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from asiadecor.com.au on July 22




With trusted freight companies, we deliver our products door to door across all of Australia. All orders come with a hand-assisted unload, insurance, and palletization.

Within three business days of the full payment clearing into our bank account, all items are shipped out of our warehouse. Delivery to PO Boxes is not possible; deliveries to either a residential or commercial address are acceptable. To sign for the delivery and help the driver manually unload the goods if a forklift isn't available, someone must be on hand.

When the goods arrive at the closest depot, our designated freight company will get in touch with you to set up a convenient delivery time. Interstate orders cannot be delivered on the weekends. On Melbourne metro deliveries, it is nevertheless available upon request. The delivery fee only covers one delivery, so please be aware of that. Failure to accept delivery and assist with hand unloading at the scheduled times will result in repeat delivery fees paid by the buyer directly to the courier company, or later pick up from the closest courier depot.


Fishpond - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from fishpond.com.au on July 22




About 110 of our Fishponders are based in the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We all have a genuine passion for you having a wonderful online shopping experience with us.


Our premium goods come from suppliers all over the world. Our goal is to give you access to excellent products at the best prices that are difficult to find on other websites. Since we have been in this business for a while, you can be sure that you are working with a company that genuinely cares about the level of service you receive.


Over 25 million products are available online, including everything from toys and books to movies and sports gear to kitchen gadgets. We source these items from all over the world, eliminating any previous geographic restrictions that might have prevented these kinds of items from arriving at your front door.


We understand what excellent customer service looks like because we have been in the industry for a long time. When you place an order with us, you can be sure that it will be handled with the utmost care, right down to our team members carefully inspecting and packaging it before it is delivered to your door.


Adairs - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from adairs.com.au on July 22



Welcome Home

Our goal is to motivate you to improve your home so that it is more enjoyable to live in, touch, and use for all of your daily activities. Since 1918, Adairs has been a family-owned business, and at our core, we still are. We cherish the members of our growing Linen Lovers family, which we regard as a second family, and we warmly welcome newcomers to our community.

Our greatest pride and joy comes from sharing with you the new season's arrivals and working with regional Australian artists to provide one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. We are here to help you design the home you love with our selection of products, our welcoming team, our knowledge, and our keen eye for quality and design. We are committed to giving you the self-assurance and inspiration you need to turn your house into a personal haven.


Temple & Webster - Buddha Statues & Sculpture Shop Melbourne

screenshot taken from templeandwebster.com.au on July 22



What we do

Australia's top online-only furniture and home goods retailer is Temple & Webster.

We firmly believe that everyone aspires to live more aesthetically pleasingly, and we hope to be the first choice for Australians looking to buy a home.

With more than 180,000 products available to search 24/7, the most beautiful content, the most inspiring curated collections, and quick shipping all over Australia, we are renowned for having the largest selection. Additionally, we regularly hold our renowned limited-time sale events where you can get the brands and styles you adore for a great price.

To learn more about how we operate or to get in touch with us, visit our help page. You can also check out the Temple & Webster Wikipedia page for more details.

There is always something new to learn at Temple & Webster. To ensure that you are the first to learn about exclusive deals and to receive daily inspiration in your inbox, sign up right away.

We provide endless inspiration in addition to 180,000+ products to browse. Visit Temple & Webster Journal for articles, videos, how-tos, interviews, and more on styling and decorating. Join the discussion on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, or start pinning with us on Pinterest.


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