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Cosmetic Beauty Keyword Google Search Traffic & Volume in Melbourne

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    What is keyword search volume

    As the term implies, keyword search volume refers to the volume (or number) of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe.

    Keyword search volume is typically averaged over a set timeframe to provide marketers with a general idea of a search term’s competitiveness and overall volume.

    This data is often contextualized within specific timeframes to allow SEOs and marketers to see how certain keywords drive traffic over time.

    Seasonality often plays a significant role in keyword search volume. Yes, the most diligent bargain-hunters may begin their search for “Christmas gift ideas” in July, but most people will wait until October or November before conducting this kind of search.

    Below is a table which shows how often certain keywords get entered into Google.

    Cosmetic Beauty Keywords & Monthly Search Volumes

    laser skin clinic10,000
    fraxel laser10,000
    laser facial10,000
    beauty salon6600
    beauty salon near me5400
    cosmetic tattoo1600
    laser skin treatment1,000
    fractional laser1,000
    laser resurfacing1,000
    skin laser1,000
    laser skin resurfacing1,000
    laser treatment for face1,000
    laser treatment for acne1,000
    ipl facial1,000
    laser skin tightening1,000
    laser pigmentation removal1,000
    skin resurfacing1,000
    erbium laser1,000
    carbon laser facial1,000
    ipl skin rejuvenation1,000
    fractional co2 laser1,000
    laser freckle removal1,000
    laser and skin clinic1,000
    laser for pigmentation1,000
    laser for acne scars1,000
    laser skin care1,000
    intense pulsed light1,000
    laser acne1,000
    victorian laser and skin clinic1,000
    fraxel laser cost1,000
    laser rejuvenation1,000
    laser skin rejuvenation1,000
    clear and brilliant laser1,000
    victorian laser clinic1,000
    revlite laser1,000
    laser treatment for pigmentation1,000
    fractional laser resurfacing1,000
    ipl skin1,000
    ipl acne1,000
    fractional skin resurfacing1,000
    ipl skin treatment1,000
    rf skin resurfacing1,000
    ipl face treatment1,000
    laser for hyperpigmentation1,000
    laser skin center1,000
    laser resurfacing face1,000
    skin resurfacing treatment1,000
    rejuvenate laser and skin clinic1,000
    clear skin laser1,000
    fractional rf laser1,000
    laser pigmentation removal price1,000
    laser for skin pigmentation1,000
    victorian skin and laser1,000
    rewind skin and laser1,000
    laser resurfacing cost australia1,000
    australian laser clinic northland1,000
    cosmetic lip tattoo480
    cosmetic tattooing melbourne480
    beauty salon brisbane390
    beauty salon melbourne390
    beauty salon perth390
    glamour beauty salon390
    indian beauty salon near me390
    shashi beauty salon390
    beauty salon canberra320
    beauty salon hobart320
    crescent beauty salon320
    cosmetic eyebrow tattoo320
    cosmetic tattoo brisbane320
    cosmetic tattoo course320
    cosmetic tattoo sydney320
    beauty salon for sale260
    beauty salon launceston260
    beauty salon names260
    beauty salon penrith260
    beauty salon sydney260
    beauty salon toowoomba260
    beauty salons gold coast260
    chapel beauty salon260
    gloss beauty salon260
    swan hill beauty salon260
    cosmetic tattoo gold coast260
    beauty salon adelaide210
    beauty salon cairns210
    beauty salon frankston210
    beauty salon geelong210
    beauty salon melbourne cbd210
    beauty salon newcastle210
    beauty salon supplies210
    beauty salon townsville210
    femina beauty salon210
    glitzy glam beauty salon210
    instyle glamour beauty salon210
    salon of beauty210
    traralgon beauty salon210
    cosmetic tattoo eyeliner210
    cosmetic tattoo sunshine coast210
    cosmetic tattoo supplies210
    cosmetic tattoo training210
    my cosmetic tattoo210
    beauty salon darwin170
    beauty salon parramatta170
    beauty salon port macquarie170
    beauty salon rockhampton170
    beauty salon sydney cbd170
    beauty salon tamworth170
    beauty salon wollongong170
    beauty salons ballarat170
    beauty salons bunbury170
    hair and beauty salon170
    cosmetic tattoo perth170
    melbourne college of cosmetic tattoo170
    the cosmetic tattoo studio170
    beauty salon camden140
    beauty salon joondalup140
    beauty salon manly140
    beauty salon mornington140
    beauty salons bendigo140
    beauty salons mandurah140
    beauty salons wagga140
    belmont beauty salon140
    home beauty salon140
    hornsby beauty salon140
    newme beauty salon140
    cosmetic tattoo near me140
    pro cosmetic tattoo140
    bassendean beauty salon110
    beauty salon albury110
    beauty salon brighton110
    beauty salon byron bay110
    beauty salon caloundra110
    beauty salon gungahlin110
    beauty salon kingston110
    beauty salon lismore110
    beauty salon logo110
    beauty salon mosman110
    beauty salon newtown110
    beauty salon noosa110
    beauty salon paddington110
    beauty salon rockingham110
    beauty salon south yarra110
    beauty salons coffs harbour110
    beauty salons dubbo110
    beauty salons hervey bay110
    beauty salons mackay110
    beauty salons perth cbd110
    beauty salons sunshine coast110
    charming hair and beauty salon110
    kaya beauty salon110
    maxicare beauty salon110
    richmond beauty salon110
    tafe beauty salon110
    cosmetic lip tattoo healing process110
    cosmetic tattoo course brisbane110
    cosmetic tattoo training brisbane110
    co2 laser resurfacing100
    co2 laser treatment100
    profractional laser100
    ipl photofacial100
    laser toning100
    laser resurfacing cost100
    laser treatment for acne scars cost100
    fraxel dual laser100
    erbium yag laser100
    laser treatment for wrinkles100
    laser for wrinkles100
    facial resurfacing100
    ipl laser facial100
    pixel laser100
    hyperpigmentation laser treatment100
    laser peel100
    non ablative laser100
    fraxel laser near me100
    fractional resurfacing100
    erbium laser resurfacing100
    ipl acne treatment100
    acne laser treatment cost100
    laser skin resurfacing cost100
    skin and laser100
    fraxel restore100
    laser for melasma100
    fraxel co2 laser100
    tixel laser100
    sciton laser100
    laser therapy for stretch marks100
    picoway resolve100
    fraxel dual100
    co2 laser cost100
    laser facial rejuvenation100
    laser mole removal on face100
    laser skin resurfacing near me100
    clear and brilliant damage100
    skin whitening laser treatment cost100
    skin lightening laser treatment100
    laser freckle removal cost100
    intense pulsed light therapy100
    ipl therapy100
    clearlift laser100
    fraxel laser acne scars100
    clear brilliant laser100
    ipl photofacial day by day100
    skin laser clinic near me100
    laser treatment for face cost100
    co2re laser100
    acne scar treatment near me100
    laser skin care clinic100
    laser wrinkle removal100
    laser skin removal100
    carbon peel facial100
    laser resurfacing near me100
    laser for dark skin hyperpigmentation100
    sublative laser100
    laser acne removal100
    fraxel cost100
    co2 laser facial100
    full face laser100
    non ablative fractional laser100
    pearl fractional laser100
    laser for dark skin100
    laser resurfacing acne scars100
    skin whitening laser treatment100
    ipl facial rejuvenation100
    laser treatment for age spots100
    ipl intense pulsed light100
    laser treatment for skin whitening price100
    ipl pigment removal100
    ipl freckles100
    fractional laser skin resurfacing100
    ablative laser resurfacing100
    laser therapy for skin100
    c02 fractional laser100
    skin laser treatment cost100
    smart skin laser100
    laser for sun spots100
    laser skin treatment near me100
    co2 laser skin resurfacing100
    laser treatment for pimples100
    best laser for pigmentation100
    laser acne scar removal cost100
    laser skin clinic near me100
    co2 facial100
    fraxel acne scars100
    acne scar removal cost100
    best laser for acne scars100
    carbon laser facial cost100
    fraxel laser resurfacing100
    laser treatment for dark spots on face price100
    best laser treatment for face100
    laser for age spots100
    ipl for redness100
    non ablative100
    laser tightening100
    fotona 4d facelift cost100
    erbium laser cost100
    neck tightening laser100
    fractional co2 laser treatment100
    active fx laser100
    q switch laser for melasma100
    sublative rejuvenation100
    best laser for wrinkles100
    co2 laser resurfacing cost100
    co2 resurfacing100
    laser therapy for face100
    c02 laser resurfacing100
    skin care laser100
    laser skin tightening cost100
    titan laser100
    excimer laser vitiligo100
    yag laser skin100
    co2 laser for scars100
    laser treatment for sun damage100
    laser resurfacing under eyes100
    fotona laser skin tightening100
    fractional laser cost100
    hidradenitis suppurativa carbon dioxide laser100
    laser neck lift100
    laser flat mole removal100
    laser for sun damage100
    carbon laser facial price100
    laser clinics australia microdermabrasion100
    laser pimple removal100
    ablative fractional laser100
    fractional laser for acne scars100
    fraxel 1550100
    fraxel 1927100
    laser photorejuvenation100
    laser dermabrasion100
    fraxel co2100
    co2 ablative laser100
    laser facial near me100
    active fx laser resurfacing100
    laser therapy for acne100
    best laser treatment for acne scars100
    acne laser treatment near me100
    fractional erbium laser100
    fotona 4d near me100
    laser for pimples100
    best skin tightening laser100
    fractional laser for stretch marks100
    skin laser near me100
    facial laser treatment near me100
    best laser for wrinkles 2019100
    ipl for scars100
    resurfx laser100
    ipl freckle removal100
    fractora laser100
    vivace laser100
    pixel laser resurfacing100
    upper lip wrinkles laser100
    ipl laser pigmentation100
    fraxel laser stretch marks100
    ipl laser near me100
    laser clinics skinstitut100
    skin resurfacing cost100
    clear and brilliant laser for melasma100
    fraxel facial100
    hyperpigmentation from laser100
    laser treatment for skin pigmentation100
    ipl ruined my skin100
    hyperpigmentation laser treatment cost100
    titan skin tightening100
    fraxel price100
    fractional co2 laser cost100
    co2 laser near me100
    fotona 4d laser100
    laser microdermabrasion100
    erbium laser treatment100
    laser treatment for face scars100
    laser hair removal for indian skin100
    ipl for sun spots100
    thermage laser100
    rf laser treatment100
    laser pigmentation removal near me100
    laser sun spots100
    laser toning for face100
    skin tightening laser treatment100
    ipl laser for acne100
    laser for pigmentation on face100
    laser hyperpigmentation removal100
    pixel skin resurfacing100
    face laser treatment price100
    rf resurfacing100
    laser for face scars100
    fraxel laser price100
    sublime skin tightening100
    laser skin tightening near me100
    laser skin resurfacing acne scars100
    laser face peel100
    fraxel skin resurfacing100
    fractional co2 laser resurfacing100
    co2 skin resurfacing100
    carbon peel laser facial100
    skin clinic laser100
    fraxel for melasma100
    sublative rf100
    carbon laser facial near me100
    clear and bright laser100
    ipl photofacial near me100
    anti aging laser treatments100
    laser blemish removal100
    ipl for wrinkles100
    mixto laser100
    fractional skin resurfacing treatment100
    fractional laser resurfacing cost100
    fractional facial100
    laser pigmentation removal for dark skin100
    co2 laser day 3100
    1540 laser100
    smoothbeam laser100
    laser treatment for sun damaged skin cost100
    face tightening laser100
    picoway pigmentation removal100
    laser for capillaries on face100
    ultrapulse laser100
    laser skin treatment for acne100
    fraxel laser for scars100
    korean laser skin treatment price100
    clear and brilliant melasma100
    laser skin lightening near me100
    laser treatment for pigmentation on face100
    fraxel near me100
    refirme skin tightening100
    co2 laser treatment cost100
    fraxel laser face100
    laser for face wrinkles100
    skin resurfacing near me100
    photorejuvenation treatment100
    ipl facial near me100
    laser skin tightening face100
    total fx100

    In pay-per-click advertising & SEO, we hear a lot about keyword search volume, yet far less attention is paid to this crucial metric compared to, say, click-through rate or cost-per-click. Although these metrics are important, search volume can be equally important – especially for SEOs.

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