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Wedding Photography & Videography Keyword Google Search Traffic & Volume in Melbourne

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    What is keyword search volume

    As the term implies, keyword search volume refers to the volume (or number) of searches for a particular keyword in a given timeframe.

    Keyword search volume is typically averaged over a set timeframe to provide marketers with a general idea of a search term’s competitiveness and overall volume.

    This data is often contextualized within specific timeframes to allow SEOs and marketers to see how certain keywords drive traffic over time.

    Seasonality often plays a significant role in keyword search volume. Yes, the most diligent bargain-hunters may begin their search for “Christmas gift ideas” in July, but most people will wait until October or November before conducting this kind of search.

    Below is a table which shows how often certain keywords get entered into Google.

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    Wedding Photographer Keywords & Monthly Search Volumes

    wedding photography12100
    wedding photography melbourne3600
    wedding photography packages480
    wedding photography prices320
    wedding photography near me170
    affordable wedding photography140
    indian wedding photography140
    professional wedding photography140
    pre wedding photography110
    wedding photography and videography110
    pre wedding photography melbourne90
    professional wedding photography melbourne90
    emotion wedding photography90
    exposure wedding photography90
    fun wedding photography poses90
    gothic wedding photography90
    great wedding photography poses90
    hd pre wedding photography90
    indian wedding photography and cinematography90
    indian wedding photography and videography90
    post wedding photography poses90
    pre wedding photography melbourne90
    professional wedding photography melbourne90
    romantic wedding photography90
    traditional chinese wedding photography90
    wedding photography what you need to know90
    why does wedding photography cost so much90
    affordable wedding photography melbourne70
    wedding photography melbourne reviews70
    affordable wedding photography melbourne70
    arab wedding photography70
    asian wedding video and photography70
    average wedding photography cost70
    best wedding photography and videography70
    candid captures wedding photography70
    candid wedding photography70
    creative wedding poses for photography70
    dark room wedding photography70
    diy wedding photography shot list70
    engagement and wedding photography70
    engagement wedding photography70
    garden wedding photography70
    getting into wedding photography70
    how much to pay for wedding photography70
    how to start a home based wedding photography business70
    indian wedding portrait photography poses70
    indian wedding stills photography70
    luxury wedding photography70
    pre wedding photography cost70
    pre wedding questionnaire photography70
    professional photography wedding70
    small wedding photography prices70
    smoke photography wedding70
    study wedding photography70
    tilt shift wedding photography70
    traditional wedding photography70
    types of photography in wedding70
    wedding couple photography70
    wedding photography accessories70
    wedding photography company names70
    wedding photography equipment list70
    wedding photography marketing70
    wedding photography melbourne reviews70
    wedding photography package names70
    wedding photography packages under $50070
    wedding photography styles 201970
    wedding photography techniques70
    wedding preparation photography70
    wedding video and photography packages70
    what to look for in wedding photography70
    where to advertise for wedding photography70
    indian wedding photography melbourne50
    melbourne registry office wedding photography50
    wedding photography melbourne prices50
    8 hour wedding photography package50
    affordable wedding photography packages50
    budget wedding photography50
    free wedding photography50
    half day wedding photography50
    how much to charge for first wedding photography50
    how much to pay a friend for wedding photography50
    how to get your first wedding photography client50
    how to get your first wedding photography job50
    how to grow wedding photography business50
    indian pre wedding photography50
    indian wedding outdoor photography50
    indian wedding photography melbourne50
    indie wedding photography50
    photography videography wedding50
    popular wedding photography editing styles50
    wedding photography 2 hours50
    wedding photography 2nd shooter50
    wedding photography and film50
    wedding photography and videography brisbane50
    wedding photography melbourne prices50
    wedding photography price breakdown50
    wedding photography prices and packages50
    wedding photography prices packages50
    wedding pre wedding photography50

    Wedding Videography Keywords & Monthly Search Volumes

    wedding videography2900
    wedding videography melbourne1900
    wedding photography and videography110
    average cost of videography for a wedding90
    boho wedding videography90
    indian wedding photography and videography90
    wedding videography workshop90
    white wedding videography90
    best wedding photography and videography70
    wedding videography tips70
    wedding videography tutorial70
    affordable wedding videography50
    best video camera for wedding videography50
    best video camera for wedding videography 201750
    photography videography wedding50
    vermont wedding videography50
    video camera for wedding videography50
    wedding videography packages50
    wedding videography prices50
    asian wedding photography and videography40
    creative wedding videography40
    wedding photography and videography packages near me40
    wedding photography videography40
    wedding videography business40
    wedding videography names40
    how to make wedding videography30
    wedding videography prices melbourne30
    cheap wedding photography and videography packages melbourne20
    wedding videography melbourne prices20
    affordable wedding videography melbourne10
    budget wedding videography melbourne10
    cheap wedding videography melbourne10
    wedding photography and videography melbourne10
    wedding photography and videography packages melbourne10
    wedding photography videography melbourne10
    wedding videography melbourne australia10
    wedding videography melbourne cheap10
    wedding videography packages melbourne10

    In pay-per-click advertising & SEO, we hear a lot about keyword search volume, yet far less attention is paid to this crucial metric compared to, say, click-through rate or cost-per-click. Although these metrics are important, search volume can be equally important – especially for SEOs.

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