50 Best Custom Home Builders in Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

The ranking of businesses expressed in this article author’s opinion and is not an objective ranking.

Are you in the market for a custom-built home? If so, Melbourne, Victoria, is home to some of the best custom home builders in the country. 

In this post, we'll provide you with a list of the top builders in the area, as well as some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. 

So if you're ready to start planning your dream home, keep reading!

Sometimes we use the business’s own words to describe their business. In such cases, we are not attempting to represent these businesses.

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    Ultimate List of Custom Home Builders in Melbourne 

    MJS Construction Group Custom Home Builders Melbourne


    (03) 9570 1826

    Melbourne Builder With Over 1200 Happy Residents Australia Wide.

    Trusted builder for over 35 years, we've completed over 1200 New Home, Dual Occupancy, Townhouse & Apartment builds. We've seen it all and done it all.

    If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable builder in Melbourne, you're in the right place!

    • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
    • New Custom Home Builds
    • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
    • Residential Developments
    • Home Designs & Drafting

    Making Melbourne residents feel right at home.

    We’re a full-service home building construction & project-management company, and we create homes in which people love to live.

    We’ve heard it a million times—home is where the heart is. But it’s also where the rest of you lives. That’s why at MJS Construction Group we’re committed to building homes that take care of all of you. Our custom homes philosophy and passion is reflected in our commitment to excellence in design, construction, and customer service. Let us echo your dream home into a reality!

    The MJS difference.

    With 35 years of experience building hundreds of New Homes, Dual Occupancy, Duplex Developments, and commercial spaces. The MJS Construction Group team with private clients to large property developers – and always take care to understand the project details so that you’re overwhelmed with excitement and joy at the finished product.

    Valuing relationships, respecting the details and ensuring quality results set MJS Construction Group apart. We don’t just “say” we’ll do all this, we actually deliver on our promises. This is how MJS Construction Group has grown and how our unique organisational structure continues to excel in the design, building and construction industry.

    Feel at home with Bentleigh East builders who deliver their construction projects on time, on budget, and with the highest attention to detail.

    What sets MJS Construction Group apart?

    Consistent performance isn’t a fluke. Each home that MJS Construction Group builds is delivered with the highest level of sophistication.

    MJS Construction Group has a history or building strong relationships with clients, that translate into long-term partnerships and a strong referral network. This is why:

    Our core pillars:

    • Deliver on time
    • Deliver on budget
    • Attention to Detail
    • Excellent Communication

    Located in Bentleigh East and servicing Bentleigh and surrounding Melbourne suburbs, MJS Construction Group are your building project specialists.

    Our promise to clients means that receiving the keys at handover, you will fall instantly in love and feel a massive sense of pride and accomplishment, without having the stress of managing the intricacies of the project.

    Hamilton Bardin Custom Home Builders Melbourne


    0448 140 700


    Trusted Melbourne builders for over 25 years, we've started & finished over 1000 Victorian homes.

    We've seen it all and done it all, so if you're looking for a high-quality, affordable home builder, you're in the right place!



    Hamilton Bardin has established itself as Australia’s premium provider of customised luxury homes. We offer individualised, handcrafted homes that meet and exceed every one of our client’s individual needs.

    This entails an understanding and acknowledgement that every family is different, and your ideal living space is as unique and individual as your family. Need an extra bedroom off the kids’ room? No problem. An extra study or playroom off the main hallway? Done. At Hamilton Bardin, our sole concern is making your dream home a reality, whatever the dream may look like.

    Highview Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    (03) 5973 5974

    Since its founding in 1965, Highview Homes has established itself as a premier architect.

    and a creator of period-style homes in Australia.

    Rex Sheppard, the company's founding director, is still the gold standard for customer-focused

    service. combined with standardized architectural features, attention to detail

    The distinctive quality of Highview Homes is its enchanting authenticity.

    We think that traditional values will always be relevant in contemporary society.

    Being in business for more than 50 years makes Highview Homes very proud. Since its founding in 1965, Highview has been passionate about fine heritage homes.

    With the same principles on which Rex and Betty founded the company, the second and third generations of Sheppards are now in charge of it.

    Construct Melbourne Custom Home Builders 


    1300 928 454

    Custom New Homes

    Leading new home builders in Melbourne, we have the resources and know-how to build luxurious custom homes that are exquisitely planned and flawlessly carried out. We can be relied upon to complete the task, whether you need a home to accommodate your expanding family or the luxurious new home you've been picturing for years.

    A collaborative process

    We collaborate closely with you throughout the building process because, as custom home builders, we value the satisfaction of our customers. This implies that you can continuously contribute to the design of your new home and offer feedback along the way. Our aim is to build your ideal home and provide outcomes that you'll be happy with for a very long time.

    Renovations and Extensions

    We at Construct Melbourne are pleased to provide home remodeling and house additions in Melbourne.

    We have the skills and experience to completely renovate your Melbourne home's interior and exterior spaces as skilled complete home renovation contractors and renovation builders. We can modernize any outdated or unpractical components, expand living spaces to include kitchens, replace single-glazed windows with double-glazed ones, add skylights to brighten interior spaces, increase insulation for better energy efficiency, and update bathrooms and kitchens.

    We'll talk about your needs, evaluate the options, and work with you to choose the best course of action.

    Avenue Building Group Custom Home Builders Melbourne 



    New Homes Melbourne

    Melbourne new homes are a specialty of Avenue Building Group.

    From obtaining building permits to turning over the property, we can help you at every step.

    Professional Advice

    Obtain the best guidance for your project. Professionals with experience are on hand and ready to assist you.

    Quality Guarantee

    Our goal is to ensure that your bathroom is expertly constructed. This indicates that all labor is guaranteed, as are even the materials used.

    Competitive Prices

    We offer highly affordable labor and materials from reliable sources! Call us right away to schedule a free in-home consultation.

    About us

    Avenue has established a reputation for producing top-notch contemporary, environmentally friendly, and creative designs.

    At Avenue, all residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are our area of expertise. It's down our avenue, whether it's for a brand-new structure or a renovation.

    The avenue is able to offer its clients unmatched solutions across the building industry because it is an integrated construction company using only the best resources.


    Symmetric Custom Home Builder Melbourne 


    03 9676 2401

    More than just four walls.

    More than just a residence. It is a bare canvas to which you can add life. Stories and memories. Milestones. Your new house is constructed on schedule and within your budget. Zero asterisks.

    More than homes: businesses too.

    Identical focus on details. various applications. life in an apartment. Shopfronts. Warehouses. always on schedule and within budget. Consequently, you have more time to focus on what matters most: your company.

    There’s more to your home than just the walls.

    Additionally, we are more than just builders.

    To be able to give you more, we have spent more than ten years refining our procedures. more choices. Extra time. more assurance The only thing left to the imagination is making sure you live your life inside these walls.

    We have repeatedly delivered this to both domestic and foreign owners. This has been accomplished through streamlined processes and open communication.

    It combines the attention to detail of a smaller builder with the dependability of a larger one. Never giving up until your goals have been achieved. You're sitting on the couch with your bum firmly in place.


    G.J. Gardner Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    +61 3 9351 0308

    Over the past 37 years, G.J. Gardner Homes has constructed over 36,000 high-quality, custom homes. On the strength of a single tenet, the business keeps expanding: making sure every client would recommend us to their closest friend. We are committed to providing the highest caliber of work throughout the entire construction of your new home. Every one of our qualified contractors and preferred subcontractors has been chosen for their unique levels of skill and dedication to excellence.

    Our Heritage

    Greg Gardner's independent building firm in Queensland, G.J. Gardner Homes, grew to 8 regional offices and built 1,000 custom homes a year. G.J. Gardner Homes built quality, affordable homes quickly. Greg franchised the business and quickly became one of Queensland's largest privately-owned building companies. In Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, G.J. Gardner Homes is a household name. G.J. Gardner Homes continues to build a reputation for reliability with over 120 franchisees and multiple global offices.

    The G.J. Way

    We want your new home to stand out in all the right ways. With no additional fees or hidden costs, we'll give you a fixed price and build time certainty. We'll make sure that everything you need to know is laid out and explained upfront, giving you as much clarity as possible. Building your new home on a fixed budget is surprisingly simple.

    Bentley Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    03 9407 5001

    Our team is dedicated to making sure you find the home that is the ideal fit for your lifestyle because we realize that building your dream home is the biggest investment you and your family will ever make.

    Our modern range of homes combines stylish design with practicality to meet all of your needs. A few of our home design highlights, seamlessly executed with a dash of elegance, include generously sized bedrooms, larger kitchens, spacious living areas, and tons of storage space.

    These homes are all the result of conversations with our clients and detailed requests from them. After that, we collaborate with our architects to create homes that are not only worthy of publication in a magazine, but also receive praise from our land development partners and have earned the highest praise by being named the winner of the HIA and MBAV Display Home Awards.

    Bentley Homes understands that no two families are the same, so our helpful staff can help you with adjustments and choices to ensure you're completely satisfied with the finished product—after all, it's your dream home!

    We also provide the following as part of our service, range, and dedication to you:

    • site costs with a set price.
    • alterations to the plans for our homes.
    • upfront costs.
    • packages for a house on land.

    We're all about giving you something extra as an affordable new home builder for Melbourne's western, northern, southeastern, and eastern suburbs. Our architects create wonders on plots of land of every kind, assisting you in realizing your ideal residence. We cover every square inch of Melbourne, from Bentleigh and Clyde North in the southeast to South Morang, our administrative center in the northern suburbs.

    Melbourne Builders Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    0403 341 333


    We want you to feel emotionally at home in your home. We believe it is essential that you feel truly at home in your house when you enter through the door or the driveway.

    Our goal is to make your house feel like the place you want to spend the rest of your life. This is not a prerequisite for better things. The house you've always desired is better than that. When we use the term "forever home," we mean just that.



    We want you to feel like "this is me" when you look around your house. We don't construct standard, prefabricated homes because of this. As a true "custom" builder, we take great pride in our ability to take on special, one-of-a-kind projects and see them through to their lovely completions.

    No task is too delicate or difficult. We specialize in: because we enjoy a challenge.

    • properties in the inner city with limited access
    • Extension and renovation of historic buildings with protected facades
    • combining traditional elements with contemporary comforts and technology
    • Using expert craftsmanship, modern living spaces are created while retaining character features.
    • When land is scarce, designing custom rooftop terraces can maximize space.




    Whether you want a completely new house, a complete renovation, or an addition, our team of experts will turn your vision into a reality and design a space that is truly unique and individualized to you.

    We can take complete control of every aspect of the build, starting with the planning phase and continuing through the day you walk through the door of your finished home. We've been building houses in Melbourne for more than 20 years, and we've faced and overcome every obstacle this stunning city has to offer!


    Henley Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    (03) 9574 5334

    New Home Builders in Melbourne

    Henley has constructed more than 50,000 homes since 1989. We still advocate for families in Melbourne to live in affordable housing while providing exceptional quality & style. Henley Victoria was recognized as the most professional builder in 2019 by HIA.

    Henley has made a name for itself as a pioneer in sustainable living, new home design, and innovation. We take pride in being the new home builders in Melbourne who set the bar higher.

    You might be a zealous first-time home buyer, an experienced empty nester, an experienced investor, or none of the aforementioned.

    Few things are as exciting as buying and building a new home, so he made the decision to purchase a new home that can signify the beginning or end of an era.

    When building or purchasing a home, there are many things to take into account. Please be aware that occasionally we may use images that do not accurately reflect what is included in the price of your home or that may not be provided by us in order to be as transparent as possible. Images of landscaped gardens, swimming pools, driveways, furniture, and screens that are not provided by us are an example of this, and the façade images we display may have additional costs beyond those specified in the base price listed. As a result, this website and the accompanying images should only be used as a reference. Where we refer to pricing, the Terms, which we encourage you to read, contain more details about what the price actually entails.


    Renmark Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    1300 367 246

    Custom Homes Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle & Budget

    A custom home builder specializing in architecturally designed, luxurious new homes and dual occupancy Melbourne. Not just regular homes are built by us. We take your vision and turn it into a place you want to return to time and time again. Phone us. We are confident that you will be impressed by our expertise and advice in new home construction.

    When you hire we to build your custom home, you'll gain access to our extensive design and construction knowledge and experience, giving you the peace of mind that your vision will be executed flawlessly and according to your preferences.

    The inner north and west of Melbourne are the areas where we have chosen to construct.

    You can be sure that your building experience will be satisfying if you work with a business that has established a 5-star rating for producing upscale, opulent homes.


    VBuild Custom Home Builder Melbourne 


    0425 752 803

    Luxury living, your way

    Make your home build something special

    VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd is about building quality, confidence, strong ethical standards, relationships, and satisfaction with every customer on every project.

    We will ensure your project is of the highest quality. Using the best materials and subcontractors, we can maintain our high standards for all work performed on your project. We do not believe in cutting corners. Quick fixes and cheap substitutions will only add to future maintenance costs. Paying attention to the details means that nothing is overlooked and that all parts of your project are equally important.

    Leaders in Prestige Home Design & Build

    Melbourne’s premier luxury home builders

    At VBuild, we’re Melbourne luxury home builders who are single-mindedly focused on bringing your custom home dream to perfect fruition. From your initial ideas, right through your custom design, planning, construction and beyond, we guarantee you a fabulous, superbly finished quality home that you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.

    VBuild’s objective is to provide a project management service where our client is constantly kept aware of the project status and is confident that the project will run seamlessly throughout every stage. From project inception, planning, procurement, execution and completion, both client-side and contractor side, VBuild’s extensive project management experience can ensure that projects are always run smoothly and diligently. 

    Home Builders Melbourne is a small, flexible and friendly drafting company established in 2009.

    The company’s vision is to design a contemporary, unique and stylish home connected to the surrounding environment, which provides a flexible and comfortable living area.

    Our experienced and professional staff will help you with every stage of your project.

    At Home Builders Melbourne, we incorporate a personalised view based on the special requirements of our clients in developing a quality product. From conceptual vision to building permits, Home Builders Melbourne will take you to a sustainable modern house with a professional finish using the latest in construction technologies.

    Design your Dream, Develop your Future

    Nicon Built Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    0407 699 455

    Nicon Built- Australia’s Finest Custom Home Builders Melbourne

    We don’t Construct Buildings- We Create Liveable Homes.

    Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of returning to a house that perfectly captures your character, beliefs, and dreams. Creating the home of your dreams is the main goal of a custom home. But creating a custom home is no simple task. It is the biggest yet riskiest investment of your life, and even the smallest mistake or poor choice can have unfavorable effects.

    However, when your home is being built by the certified, knowledgeable, and skilled team at Nicon Built custom builders, Melbourne. Nothing less than pure finesse is to be expected. We take great pride in having worked on some of Melbourne's most eye-catching, expensive, and magnificent constructions. And we are prepared to build a custom home according to your exact specifications.

    In 2007, he made it possible for customers to experience the cutting-edge building designs in line with his passion for the construction industry. He envisions outstanding developing designs that best meet the objectives of the clients because he is the managing director of Nicon Built.

    Our friendly Director, Nick, is a registered builder with over 25 years of experience working in the Victorian building sector. Nick started his career as a trainee in the same industry because he had the vision to work for and become one of Australia's largest tier 1 builders.


    Sienna Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    +61 3 8685 8116

    Take a look at the award-winning design.

    We stand out from the competition a little bit thanks to our design philosophy. We think it's important to learn what you want from a family home before finding a design that suits your lifestyle, sense of style, and goals. It is comparable to creating your house from the ground up.

    What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

    Good design, in our opinion, is not an extravagance. Every Sienna Homes home, whether it be a townhouse or a sizable family home, will feature adaptable spaces, cutting-edge storage solutions, and roomy, open living areas.

    We Can Tailor Our Designs to Suit

    We are delighted to incorporate those features that make our designs the ideal house for you. We think that the best designs should reflect your lifestyle, sense of fashion, and goals.


    Quality Home Builders - Custom Home Builder Melbourne 


    1300 12 99 78

    As a member of a team that assists a select group of clients in generating wealth through the power of brick and mortar, Quality Home Builders can help.

    Quality Home Builders is a member of a group that assists a small number of its clients in generating wealth by utilizing the strength of bricks and mortar.

    Since 2010, The IM group has assisted investors and first-time homebuyers with the goal of developing extraordinary solutions for their clients. Today, that goal still serves as a motivating factor. The most imaginative and trustworthy craftspeople in the country have always been sought after by IM Group. This makes us one of the most reputable One-Stop-Shop organizations in the country.

    We always conduct our business with decency, morality, and a strong commitment to quality. We never compromise quality for financial gain. In fact, because of the reputation we have built, we have a lot of negotiating power with our lenders. We design our financial products with the final user in mind, so you can relax knowing you're getting the best loan possible.


    Verdé Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    +61 03 9836 2001

    With Melbourne's Leading Home Builders, Enjoy All the Benefits of Luxury Living.

    There comes a time in life when you tell your partner and yourself, "It's time we lived the life we've always wanted, in the kind of house we've always wanted." Most likely, you already have an image of that house in your head. Few examples of classical, elegant, and gracious architecture with a sense of grandeur and proportion can be found in contemporary buildings. All you require is a method for making that vision a reality. Greetings from Verdé. eternal quality. A Verdé home is furnished according to your personal preferences and tastes. beautifully made and painstakingly detailed. a manifestation of classic character and carefree living. A magnificent home in every way. Every Verdé home, as you'll see, is inspired by the illustrious past, exquisite proportions, and timeless elegance of the very best residential architecture, providing a living experience unmatched by today's modern construction.


    Meletis Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    03 9364 0801

    Your dependable associate in developing options to turn your aspiration house into a reality. Meletis Homes is one of Melbourne's most skilled and reputable custom home builders, having been in business for over 45 years. Our main objective is to assist families in creating a home that is not only extremely functional and fashionable but also fits their unique needs and way of life. From the moment you begin to envision your ideal space until the day you move into your new house, we collaborate closely with you, our customers.


    An option that is becoming more and more popular is demolishing an existing house and starting over. Meletis Homes can assist you in incorporating your unique living requirements into a plan that perfectly complements the current site. We will take into account your financial situation, the neighborhood's character, the houses on the street, and the site's advantages and disadvantages.


    If you are thinking about building multiple homes on a site, we can not only give you the necessary architectural and construction know-how, but we can also help you quickly and confidently maneuver through the maze of permits, forms, and council guidelines.
    We ensure that there are no delays in completing your project by having a thorough understanding of town planning and local council expectations and criteria.


    We put a lot of emphasis on meeting the specific needs of each client while also taking into account the need for design flexibility and future changes in your family's lifestyle. From our appreciation of tasteful architecture and timeless design to our commitment to offering energy efficiency. We guarantee that your house will be up to par.

    Evenwedge Custom Home Builder Melbourne 


    (03) 9366 9743

    Our Approach

    Family-run Evenwedge Homes is dedicated to assisting clients in creating the house of their dreams. We at Melbourne's Evenwedge Home Builders are aware of what an exciting experience building your own home can be. By providing a comprehensive service that covers everything from the very first stages of planning to the construction of your home and applying the finishing touches, we hope to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. All of our homes are created specifically for you, and we take a lot of time with each client to make sure the finished product meets their needs.

    Why Evenwedge Homes?


    We were pioneers in the Melbourne custom home industry for more than 20 years after being founded in 1988.

    Complete Solution

    Our team of skilled tradespeople enables us to offer comprehensive design and construction services.

    Commitment to Quality

    Your new home will be subject to stringent quality control procedures to ensure that it meets our high standards.


    In Melbourne, we offer house and land packages in addition to building homes to suit any budget.


    Local Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    1300 787 691

    Many Years of Experience in Remodeling & Construction Business

    We at Local Home Builders Melbourne are able to offer you both our many years of experience and a wide range of home construction and renovation projects. You don't want just anyone working on your house; you can rely on our crew to take care of the construction and remodeling requirements for you and your family.


    Comprehensive Home Repair Professionals

    We even provide home maintenance and repair services here at Local Home Builders Melbourne. broken windows? Damaged floor coverings or wall construction? We're happy to assist. Contact us right away so we can come to your home and inspect the repairs during a free consultation. Today, let us assist you in restoring your house!

    Laminate Floors And More

    Laminate flooring is simple to install, maintain, and has the same appearance as real wood, stone, or ceramic tile. Make your neighbors jealous by having our skilled professionals add gorgeous new floors for you.

    Whole-Home Renovations

    Have you thought about remodeling your entire home? Or perhaps just one or two rooms. Certainly, we can assist! We are the company to contact to make it happen, whether it's updating your kitchen and bathroom or completely changing the appearance of your house.

    Local Home Builders Melbourne has established a solid reputation by offering distinctive solutions to the Melbourne construction and renovation markets.


    Hansen Living Custom Home Builder Melbourne 



    Melbourne’s Premier Custom Home Builder

    One of Melbourne's top boutique builders, Hansen Living specializes in the design and construction of luxurious homes and buildings. From the initial design concept to the finished construction, we offer end-to-end home design. If you have a particular design in mind, we can completely customize a house to fit your tastes and way of life.

    Being an internal project manager makes Hansen Living distinctive. This covers the initial brief, the creation of a custom home, the building process, and the final interior design. Our distinctive strategy has enabled us to consistently produce excellent results, earning us the 2014 Master Builders' Best Custom Home award.

    For a variety of properties, including two- and three-story homes, apartments, townhomes, beachfront homes, and penthouses, we can provide superior solutions. In the Bayside, Port Phillip, inner-city Melbourne, Stonnington, Boroondara, and nearby suburbs, where we have built a solid reputation for our quality-driven, cost-effective building processes, we are the go-to experts.


    Langford Jones Homes Custom Home Builders Melbourne 


    03 9579 2278

    Each home we design and build is unique.

    Over the course of their 45-year history, we have designed and constructed many inspirational homes. Our building company is independent, family-run, and owned.

    The Bayside and South Eastern Melbourne suburbs, Phillip Island, San Remo, Bass Coast, South Gippsland, and the Mornington Peninsula all benefit from our vast experience building high-quality, custom-designed homes.

    It's easy to build with us. You can select a design from one of our exquisite Design Collections and work with our gifted team to modify the house to meet your specific design needs and lifestyle demands.

    You could also use our Custom Design Service and bring us your dream. Allow us to design and construct your custom dream home, from the very beginning.

    Our homes are masterfully built by skilled craftsmen and are specially created for you to reflect your unique needs.

    A custom home is perfect for buyers who want to build their dream home, complete with a floorplan that fits their needs and all the amenities they desire. 

    Custom homes are typically built on land owned by the buyer, and the builder works with the buyer to develop a floorplan for their one-of-a-kind home.

    When you decide to build a custom home, you’re building the home you hope to grow your family in and maybe even retire in. The extra time and money spent on designing, building, and settling into your custom home, will be worth it if you plan to make it your home for years to come.

    To build or not to build, that is the question. Looking for your perfect dream home can not only be a daily headache in the search process, but it can also result in complete agony when you find out another buyer has outbid the house you had your hopes on. 

    After getting over the pain of losing your “dream” house and the “what ifs,” you finally admit to yourself that the kitchen wasn’t exactly perfect, and the fact that the master bedroom wasn’t on the first floor wasn’t a deal-breaker, but more of a compromise. Quit lying to yourself! Hey, we all do it! So why not invest your money into something you are 100% happy with? 

    This is the most obvious and attractive reason to consider when building a custom home. You, as the buyer, have total control in tailoring the entire house to every desired detail—down to the colour of the knobs on the cabinets. In reality, the chances of finding a home built with everything you want already on the market is very slim. 

    Even if you find something comparable, you will most likely eventually turn to renovate in order to make the room(s) specific to your wants, and that can get pretty tricky (and expensive). Having total control of exactly what is put into your home and where it’s placed makes for a house that is 100% customised to your preference with no surprises.

    Another advantage to having a brand new, custom-built home is that everything is NEW! Everything from the plumbing, air conditioning, appliances to the light bulbs in the ceiling are all brand new and should have very little to no maintenance—at least not for a long time. 

    After you’ve settled in and your furniture and decorations are in place, you should be worry-free. You can enjoy your brand new home without being concerned with unexpected expenses such as the cost of fixing a broken air conditioner! 

    Home maintenance is often a huge factor that is not considered when purchasing a home, and most buyers are thrown off guard and not financially prepared to pay for repairs when large appliances break. 

    A custom luxury home is a one-of-a-kind home designed specifically for a client and explicitly for the location chosen or owned by this client. These homes are built by custom luxury home builders who specialise in innovative projects and possess the experience and expertise to meet exact needs. 

    With a custom luxury home, everything from the floor plan to sustainable initiatives to the type of kitchen sink you want is personalised and tailored to meet the client’s high-end musts. As a result, the budget is determined solely by the client’s choices, and the functionality and quality of the home are to their standards alone. 

    At any point in the build, alterations can be made, but these homes can cost more per square foot, as many products and features cannot be ordered in bulk due to the uniqueness of the build. These homes can also take longer to build, and it can be more difficult to finance a custom luxury home through a lender since the depreciation can be more substantial and occur quicker.

    But as a general rule, a custom-built home will cost you twice as much as a personalised production home. And the land cost is usually not included in that figure. You can expect the cost of a new home to average between $150 and $400 per square foot, depending on which part of the country you are building in.

    Whether to buy a custom home or a personalised production home is a very personal one and one only you can make. You should take as much time as you need to study all your options, and then will you be able to make the decision that is right for you and your family.

    If you find yourself torn about which direction to take, you may want to visit some personalised production home builder locations to get a feel for what they have to offer. If you don’t find anything that suits your needs, you can always contact a custom home builder to compare the costs and options they have available.

    Custom Home Builders FAQs

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